2021 Abstract Guidelines and Submission


The 2021 IGES Annual Meeting Abstract Submission deadline has now passed!

The abstracts will be published in Genetic Epidemiology, September 2021. 
Abstract topics for 2021 included 

  • Topic 1: Causal variants, genes and mechanisms and their impact on disease risks
  • Topic 2: Genetics and Genomics in diverse populations
  • Topic 3: Genetic Epidemiology in Complex diseases
  • Topic 4: Large-scale population collections or biobanks and their challenges
  • Topic 5: Machine learning approaches for predicting phenotypes and disease risks
  • Topic 6: Mediation and Mendelian randomization to understand pathways to disease
  • Topic 7: New aspects on statistical modeling in genetic epidemiology
  • Topic 8: Omics: methods and applications
  • Topic 9: Polygenic scores, risk assessment, prognostic modeling and their interpretation
  • Topic 10: Rare variants, imputation and sequence analysis
  • Topic 11: Genetic Epidemiology of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

Important dates to consider:

  • March 15-May 28: Abstract Submissions Portal Open
  • June 10-July 9: Blind Review Process
  • July 12-19: Abstracts and platform notification


 For assistance on submitting your abstract, please send an email to [email protected].