2021 Abstract Guidelines and Submission

Download the 2021 Abstract Guidelines


Be an integral part of this year's IGES Annual Meeting and submit your abstract today!  Topics can include 

  • Topic 1: Causal variants, genes and mechanisms and their impact on disease risks
  • Topic 2: Genetics and Genomics in diverse populations
  • Topic 3: Genetic Epidemiology in Complex diseases
  • Topic 4: Large-scale population collections or biobanks and their challenges
  • Topic 5: Machine learning approaches for predicting phenotypes and disease risks
  • Topic 6: Mediation and Mendelian randomization to understand pathways to disease
  • Topic 7: New aspects on statistical modeling in genetic epidemiology
  • Topic 8: Omics: methods and applications
  • Topic 9: Polygenic scores, risk assessment, prognostic modeling and their interpretation
  • Topic 10: Rare variants, imputation and sequence analysis
  • Topic 11: Genetic Epidemiology of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

Important dates to consider:

  • February 22-March 15: EARLY SUBMISSION ABSTRACTS
  • April 7-14: EARLY DECISION abstracts notification
  • April 27: Deadline for General Abstracts Submission
  • May 27-June 3: General Abstracts notification


 For assistance on submitting your abstract, please send an email to [email protected].