IGES 2019

28th Annual Meeting
October 12-14, 2019 in Houston, Texas USA
Hilton of Americas Hotel


2019 Meeting Abstracts

S a t u r d a y ,  O c t o b e r  1 2
8:30a-6:00p Registration
10:00a-4:00p Education Workshop [click here for details]
5:00p-7:00p Board of Directors Meeting
7:00p-8:00p Welcome Reception
S u n d a y ,  O c t o b e r  1 3
7:00a-6:00p Registration
7:30a-8:15a Continental Breakfast
8:30a-9:00a Welcome and Presidential Address

Session 1:  Polygenic scores, risk assessment and prognostic modeling
Presentations by R. Lali, D. Balding, T. Schoeler, A. Kim

10:00a-10:30a     Refreshment Break

Session 2:  Mediation and Mendelian randomization
Presentations by T. Johnson (invited speaker), L. Jiang, Y. Deng, N. Larson, Y. Zhao


Lunch on your own! 

Young Investigators' Luncheon (ticketed event)

Committee Working Lunches
• Publications Committee
• Communications Committee
• ELSI Committee

1:30p-3:00p  Session 3: Genomics in diverse populations
Presentations by K. North (invited speaker), J. Keaton, J. Hellwege, J. Smith, S. Basu

Poster Highlights Session A
Presentations by I. Blunk, M. Kho, E. Yonova-Doing, B. Coombes, A. Bhattacharya

3:15p-4:45p Poster Session A 
Refreshment Break
4:45p-6:00p Session 4: Large-scale populations, collections and challenges
Presentations by D. Dutta, T. Winkler, H. Chen, C. Melbourne, M. Kaakinen
7:00p-10:00p  Annual Banquet (ticketed event)
M o n d a y ,  O c t o b e r  1 4
7:00a-5:30p Registration
7:30a-8:15a Continental Breakfast
8:30a-9:45a Session 5:  New aspects on statistical modeling in genetic epidemiology
Best Paper Presentation and presentations by A. Wang, Q. Lu, C. German, S. Leal
9:45a-10:00a Poster Highlights Session B
Presentations by N. Zemlianskaia, A. Horimoto, G. Matesi, C. Wang, J. Zhang
10:00a-11:30a      Poster Session B 
Refreshment Break
11:30a-1:00p Session 6:  Machine learning approaches
Presentations by G. Allen (invited speaker), M. Anasanti, J. Cook, B. McKinney, A. Debid

Lunch on your own!

Committee Lunch Meetings:
• Program Committee
• Education Committee
• Young Investigators' Committee
• Genetic Epidemiology Editorial Board

2:30p-4:00p Session 7:  Omics: methods and applications
Presentations by H. Zhao (invited speaker), X. Wang, H. Feng, Z. Wang, D. Liu
4:00p-4:30p Refreshment Break
4:30p-5:30p Business Meeting and Awards