2022 IGES membership registration/renewal opens November 1!

If you are a current or past member, please login below and update your profile. New members can complete profiles after joining.  Member profiles are searchable to current membership only.  If you cannot remember whether or not you have renewed your current membership, please feel free to ask us to check your membership status by emailing us at [email protected].  

Professional memberships who renew or join by January 31, 2022 will receive the early rate by using the discount code "2022earlybird".  Just simply type in the code on the form when prompted.

2022 membership rates are

  • Regular member US$130 (early rate through January 31); US$155 beginning February 1
  • Student and Post-Doctoral Fellow* member with online access to Journal US$68; or US$25 without journal access
  • Low- or Lower-middle-income country* member with online access to Journal US$68; without online access to Journal US$25

Eligibility for “Post-Doctoral Fellow” Fees:
Must be working as a post-doctoral fellow and be within five years of PhD completion at the time of joining/renewal. Status must be confirmed by the post-doctoral fellow’s primary supervisor by emailing [email protected].

Eligibility for “Student” Fees:
Must be enrolled in a bachelor, master or PhD program at the time of joining/renewal. Status must be confirmed by the registrant’s primary supervisor or university officials by emailing [email protected].

Eligibility for “Low- or Lower-middle-income country” Fees:
Must be based in a country that is classified as a Low- or Lower-middle-income country according to the World Bank list.

Please be aware that registration for the annual meeting every year DOES NOT include Society annual membership.