Personal Data Policy

What personal information do we hold, and why?

The Secretary and Treasurer maintain a database with the currently active membership, including names, affiliations, postal and e-mail addresses. This is used, amongst other things, for the annual dues/ballot mailings, for distribution of the journal, for announcements about the annual meeting, and for occasional mailings to the membership about news or feedback from the membership. The list is constantly being updated as membership renewals arrive.

In addition, we maintain a database of IGES conference registrants, including names, affiliations, postal and e-mail addresses, in order to communicate with conference attendees and facilitate the smooth running of the annual IGES meeting.

The information held consists solely of information provided by the IGES member/conference registrant at the time of registration.

Who do we share this personal information with?

The membership and conference registrant lists are confidential documents that belong to IGES for purposes related to the field of genetic epidemiology and the working of the society. They will not be made available to outside parties, except to contractors who carry out work on our behalf – for example the meeting planning company that assists with membership administration and organisation of the annual IGES meeting.

An updated e-mail list of the currently active members can be prepared at any time (together with a list of postal addresses for members for whom we do not have a current e-mail address) for use by the officers of the society or the society’s committees. This list can be used to notify members of society business or to alert them to more detailed information newly posted on the website.

We have provided a member-search function on the IGES MemberClicks website, which allows searching for individual members contact information, by other IGES members. However, it does not support bulk retrieval of many members contact information at one time.

Where do we keep this personal information?

The information is held in a secure, password-protected online database. Any electronic or printed versions of the membership and conference registrant lists that are generated for legitimate society purposes are kept securely behind password-protected (for electronic versions) or physically-protected via lock and key (for hard copies) devices.

For further details of the protection and GDPR compliance provided by our database supplier, please see:

How long do we keep this personal information?

The membership and conference registrant lists are kept for as long as we need them for the purposes for which they were collected. Historical lists are kept in order to allow us to track membership queries (for example), but individuals have the right to request to be deleted from any current or historical list at any time. Deletion from a current list effectively cancels the individual’s current membership or conference registration.

Can individuals opt-out from marketing or other specific communications?

All members may opt-out of emails from IGES sent via sources such as MemberClicks and SurveyMonkey (which is used to ballot members for IGES elections, as well as to gather feedback about the annual IGES meeting). However, please note that by opting out, you will no longer receive ANY mail at all from IGES, including important election announcements and ballot links, as well as the newsletters and our annual meeting announcements.