The IGES Educational Committee has conceived and designed an online course called Genetic Epidemiology Foundations that is available at this URL:  The course can be accessed for free by you and your trainees. 

This course consists of 6 modules designed to provide the foundation necessary to conduct statistical analysis of genetic data and was made possible through the support of the University of Colorado and Vanderbilt University. 

Stephanie Santorico, Ph.D., who along with Todd Edwards is our committee’s past Co-chair, makes the introduction to the modules:

  1. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.: What is Genetic Epidemiology? Historical Perspective and Introduction
  2. Bruce Weir, Ph.D.: Introduction to Population Genetics: Models and Assumptions
  3. Todd Edwards, Ph.D.: Population Structure and Genetic Association Studies
  4. Goncalo Abecasis, D.Phil.: Basic Quality Control in Genetic Data: Data Structure
  5. Celia Greenwood, Ph.D.: Population-Based Association Studies
  6. Joan Bailey-Wilson, Ph.D.: Family-Based Designs 

Contact us if you have any questions:

Sarah Buxbaum, Ph.D. [email protected]

Wei Xu, Ph.D. [email protected]